ULTRA LOUNGE - Space Capades



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1-Gay Spirits - by David Rose
2-Lover (Digitally Remastered 95) - by Richard Marino & His Orchestra
3-Moon Moods (Digitally Remastered 95) - by Les Baxter
4-Power House (Digitally Remastered 95) - by Bobby Hammack
5-Drivin' Around The Block (Digitally Remastered 95) - by Dickie Harrell
6-Calcutta (1995 - Remastered) -  by Les Baxter
7-Holiday For Strings (1996 Digital Remaster) - by The Voices Of Walter Schumann
8-You're The Top (Digitally Remastered 95) - by Dean Elliott & His Big Band
9-Istanbul (Not Constantinople) Part I/Istanbul (Not Constantinople) Part II (Medley) - by Joe "Fingers" Carr
10-Stumbling (1996 Digital Remaster) - by Tak Shindo
11-Sabre Dance (Digitally Remastered 95) - by Les Baxter
12-This Room Is My Castle Of Quiet (Digitally Remastered 95) - by Billy May and His Orchestra
13-I Get A Kick Out Of You (Digitally Remastered 95) - by Felix Slatkin
14-Satan Takes A Holiday (Digitally Remastered 95) - by Jack Malmsten
15-Puttin' On The Ritz (Digitally Remastered 96) - by Terry Snyder
16-Blues In The Night (Digitally Remastered 95)
17-Saturday Night On Saturn (1996 Digital Remaster)
18-Lonesome Road (1995 Digital Remaster) - by Dean Elliott & His Big Band


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